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Meet Ralph

Dedicated Educator for 33 years

Who is Ralph?

  • Has lived and worked in Fort Saskatchewan for 15 years

  • Dedicated 33 years to student success as a teacher, school Principal, Director of Early Learning, Director of Programming for Student Differences

  • Husband and parent

  • Strong advocate for the success of all students and student-centered educational experiences

  • Core values include reliability, honesty, integrity, accountability, trust and hard work

  • Musician, fisherman, woodworker, charcutier and avid reader

What does Ralph bring?

  • Strong desire to protect public education where students are prepared to go out into the world after successful graduation

  • Passion for student success and meeting student needs from where a student is at, as no single approach is right for every individual

  • Advocacy for inclusive education and individual diversity

  • Assurance that students are engaged and provided with high quality educational opportunities

  • Ability to listen and bring people together in the best interests of student success

  • Respect for parents as first partners, who are the experts when it comes to their children.

  • Belief that teachers are the experts on curriculum and pedagogy

  • Collaboration with parents, educators, and community

  • Desire to ensure the families of Fort Saskatchewan are heard and their feedback is considered in decision making

  • Evidence-based decision making

  • Commitment to help shape the future of local communities, by making sound decisions regarding the direction and quality of local public education

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