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Kindergarten Classroom

Ralph's Priorities

Study Groups


We need to ensure the new provincial curriculum:

  • Is age and developmentally appropriate

  • Fosters a passion for learning

  • Respects diversity and history

  • Is inclusive for all

  • Is centered on student needs for today and in the future

  • Is contemporary and focuses on critical thinking skills

  • Is engaging and student-centered

Happy Circle

Safe and Caring Schools

We need to ensure:

  • Covid 19 protocols remain in place until safety threats are reduced

  • Funds are available to support gaps in learning from loss of teacher/student face-to-face interactions during the 2020-21 school year

  • Mental health supports are in place to support student success

  • Work toward successful wrap-around services with other agencies is ongoing

  • Strong and effective policy and administrative procedures regarding harassment, bullying and racism are in place and being followed

Safe and Caring Schools
Diversity Students

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

We need to ensure:

  • Inclusivity, equity and support for all individual            differences, races, genders and sexual orientations

  • More students meet developmental milestones prior to entering grade 1, and students are successful readers by the time they complete grade 3. Early Learning Interventions are key to student success in future years

  • Equitable access for all students, no matter where in    the Division they reside

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
Men with Calculator


We need to ensure:

  • Fiscal responsibility with available funds, by directing as many dollars as possible out to schools and classrooms

  • Teachers have the resources they require to present engaging activities for students, that meet provincial outcomes and expectations

  • Governments are lobbied for increased funding, particularly in the areas of student enrolment growth, specialized learning supports, program unit funding, transportation and infrastructure

  • New schools and/or modernizations for community schools are advocated for, and that available funds keep current facilities in excellent condition and working order

  • Specialized Learning Supports receives increased provincial funding to meet the needs of students requiring intervention, individualized supports, occupational therapy services, speech-language pathology services, psychological assessment, counselling, vision supports, hearing supports, etc.


Evidence-based Decisions and Red-tape Reduction

We need to ensure:

  • All decisions regarding programs, procedures or policies, are based on the best available and current facts, research and evidence

  • Red-tape is reduced in the decision-making process, so that resources are not wasted on internal policy or procedure, but rather, directed toward student success

Evidence-based Research
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